Opening 'Color, Form and Light' exhibition

Join us during the opening of a new exhibition!

On Thursday 6 December from 17:00 - 19:00 WTC The Hague Gallery will exhibit its new exhibition, called 'Color, Form and Light' with works from two different artists. Though each artist has their own style, the works are all colorful and bright. Read the articles below to find out more about the artists and join us on December the 6th!

Program 6 December

17:00 Welcome at the WTC The Hague Art Gallery (2nd floor) 

18:00 Introduction of the artists

19:00 End of the event

Bertrand Fournier, Dourban (France)

"I am one of those people who thinks that anyone can do it, as Jacques Brel said, ‘ Talent does not exist, there are only hard workers’, personally I work a lot."

Fournier has never stopped questioning his own work, not according to what people like, but according to what trace he wants to leave. While most artists have a defining style, Fournier has always worked without having one. Finding such a style for himself was quite hard, however he later realized that not having one was actually an asset rather than a handicap.

His last 'Free Forms' series could very well be his last series, because he finally found a way to work all that he likes, the figurative, the abstract and the symbolism in a single series. The series symbolize what he was looking for from the beginning; to break down the boundaries between figuration and abstract.

Mark Swysen, Antwerp (Belgium)

As a graduate in Biological Sciences prior to his Master's degree in Art & Research, Mark Swysen reflects on human conduct. Yet the human figure itself mostly remains absent in his work: the artist primarily wishes to incite the visitor’s imagination.

Mark Swysen embraces Joseph Kosuth’s basic proposition of conceptual art: “The idea is the most important aspect of the work”. Mark also follows Arthur Danto’s credo of “art being an embodied meaning”. The artist is constantly in search of the most eloquent visual stimuli in order to mould content into an intriguing shape. He enjoys the freedom of using any material, object or phenomenon as an instrument in his visual language. Swysen snatches everyday objects out of their usual context and the result of his deconstruction and 

re-assembling charges them with new layers of meaning. His artefacts question the one-dimensionality of our perception and open new possibilities for interpretation.

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